Lice Facts

lice cycle2

  • Lice are immune to pesticide shampoos.
  • Lice live on the human head and die when off a head for 48 hours.
  • Dogs and cats do not get lice. Head lice are host specific and live on the human head only. Just as fleas do not take up life on our heads, lice do not take up life on our pets.
  • Nits can appear white on darker shades of hair due to the iridescent egg casing reflecting light. Nits are actually brown in color. The nit casing is translucent. it is the developing bug inside the casing that gives the nit the brown color. Nits are shaped like a comma, they are oval with a little tail like part.
  • Hair dyes containing ammonia seem to be one thing that does kill lice and nits, but may not be 100% effective in killing all nits.
  • One adult fertilized female louse can lay up to 10 nits a day. She can lay approximately 200 nits in her life span.
  • The best prevention methods are hair tightly up in a bun or braid with hair products to make the hair crunchy and stuck to the head. Any loose strands or wisps of hair can be a path for a louse to climb into the hair.
  • It is the lice bites that cause itching, but people who are less sensitive to the bites may not itch until the lice episode is very advanced, some people are never really itchy.
  • Visual lice checks may miss early stages of lice. Comb checks are the most effective way to identify lice in the early stages.
  • The best way to diagnose lice is do you a comb through with a metal lice comb and conditioner in wet hair. Nits can be very difficult to see in the hair until there are many. When a case of lice is diagnosed in the early stage, it is much less likely to have spread to others.