Need to Know

The Top 4 Things To Know when you find out your kids have lice…

1. Your Kids Having Lice, does NOT make you a bad parent & does NOT mean that your kids are dirty!

Clean or Dirty, Kids just get lice. Kids make great hosts for head lice because they have not yet developed a sense of personal space, so they frequently touch heads with other children.


2. Removal of All Lice and Nits(eggs) is the most effective, efficient & Non-Toxic way to eradicate lice from the head.

It may sound completely over-whelming, but using a chemical shampoo is not a guarantee that your bout with lice is over. Lice have become resistant to these chemicals. Complete Removal is your only guarantee for putting this lice episode behind you. All family members should be checked, as moderate & advanced cases of lice frequently spread to siblings and parents.

3. Your House is NOT Infested. Lice live on the HUMAN HEAD and die if off of it for more than 48 hours.

There could possibly be some lice in your home, particularly if there are many bugs on someone’s head, but it is important to remember that lice need a host to survive. They want to be on a head. If there are any bugs in the home the most likely places where a bug could be would be on bedding and in brushes & hats, for these have the most significant contact with the head. When we come to your house, we will guide you on all precautions to take in treating your home environment.

4. It is Extremely important to communicate
about lice episodes.

Secrecy only contributes to the continuation of the lice epidemic.  If your kids have it, their closest friends are likely to have it too. I know, for some, this can be a difficult call/email to make with the bad news, just remember you are trying to contribute to the containment of lice within your community. Also, it is a good idea to report lice episodes to your child’s school. They will likely notify parents to be on the lookout, and possibly check your child’s classmates. It is standard practice that school personnel keep lice reports completely anonymous. The more we talk about lice in a casual manner, the more we can dissipate any stigma that some may feel.

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