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If you have found out your child(ren) have lice or suspect that they may have lice, we can help.

  • We provide a lice check and removal service in your home.

  • We check all members of the family, with a thorough comb through, and treat anyone who has lice/nits with a Non-Toxic, Natural and effective removal process.

  • Our rates are charged by the hour, not by the head. This is a better pricing rate so since lice treatment time varies for different hair types, lengths and degrees of infestation. One price should not fit all heads. 

  • We average an hour or less per head for treatment, but this can be less or more depending on the degree of the infection and length of hair.

  • Children are ready to return to school the next day & we provide a Certificate of Treatment for the school that she/he has been treated professionally.

  • We recommend a follow-up visit for a 100% Guarantee of complete removal.

  • We treat all hair types, with the exception of hair extensions and dreadlocks, because they cannot be combed, but we can do a visual check and diagnosis. Hair extensions must be removed for a complete treatment.